About For Love & Legacy

After a 20+ year career of being a Creative Director for internet startups, I decided to hang up my technology spurs and pursue my side passion for designing jewelry. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and making beautiful things. A few years ago as an experiment, I used my jewelry making knowledge to create a belt buckle to wear to a party. I LOVED the way wearing it made me feel, and I realized I wanted to make more of them and give that feeling to other people, too. 

I love creating pieces that help women express themselves and their originality, show off their inner badass-ness, and add to their swagger. The majority of women's belts on the market right now are meek and uninteresting - the exact opposite of all of the women I know. I started For Love & Legacy to change that with boldness, fun, originality, quality, and artistic integrity.

I hope you'll love wearing them as much as I do.


Laura J Shape photo