About For Love & Legacy

It all started with a midlife crisis.

If you’ve had one of these, then you know that time becomes precious, and you only want to spend it doing what energizes you, surrounded only by the people who lift you up. So, out went everything that wasn’t serving me, and in came For Love & Legacy.

For Love & Legacy is my dream of making a great living by creating beautiful things, to live in creative openness with the freedom to evolve, experiment, and grow, knowing that my best work is still ahead of me. Hopefully, it embodies the traits I aspire to, like wisdom, elegance, and love of adventure. For Love & Legacy celebrates women and artists (because I am both), and its products will always be produced as humanely and sustainably as possible because that is what’s kind and right.

I hope that For Love & Legacy products add beauty and joy to your life, and that wearing them makes you feel bolder, brighter, and more radiantly you.

- Laura J. Shape